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The Top 4 Office Furniture Trends in 2021

As your employees come back to the workplace are you looking for ways to spice up the office? The good news is that there are some hot office trends this year that can make a big impact, but still be affordable. Keep reading to learn more about the top 4 furniture trends in 2021 and how PnP Office Furniture can help you make them a reality.

  1. Botanical Workspaces
  2. Biophilia and botanical workspaces are extremely popular in 2021. Humans are attracted to nature and actually live better, happier lives when they interact with it. The benefits of a natural work environment are huge, which is why businesses are installing moss walls and indoor gardens to create a serene, natural environment for employees.

  3. Storage Solutions
  4. Clutter does no good for anyone. Not only can it make employees stressed, but it can also reduce productivity. That is why creative storage solutions are becoming increasingly popular. By helping employees get organized and reduce clutter, they can be less stressed and improve efficiency.

  5. Natural Lighting
  6. Natural lighting is also a huge office trend that is becoming more and more popular. Natural lighting actually improves health. That is why opening the blinds and finding ways to let natural light into the workspace is crucial. You can brighten employee’s moods and boost productivity by allowing natural light in!

  7. Free Flowing Cubicles
  8. Another hot trend in 2021 is free-flowing cubicles. Instead of tall walls that divide and separate, businesses are turning to low or no wall cubicles that allow for collaboration and relationship building.

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