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Take Your Office Green for Earth Day

It’s almost Earth Day and that means it is the perfect time to take a look at ways to help protect the earth. If you operate a business there are plenty of ways to do this. You might think all of this is costly, but in fact, going green can actually reduce your business expenses. Still not sold? Keep reading to learn about different ways to take your office green—and stay that way—for Earth Day.

Place Recycling Bins Around

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to go green. Placing recycling bins around the office will encourage your employees to recycle, which is good for the earth. You can take this a step further by offering recycling bins specifically for refundable bottles and cans. Encourage participation by collecting the deposits and donating them to charities that your employees vote on.

Encourage Reusable Mugs and Cutlery

Each year, an unimaginable amount of plastic and Styrofoam ends up in the landfill. One of the best ways to take your office green is to remove plastics and Styrofoam from the break room. Encourage employees to use reusable mugs and cutlery. This is a simple, but effective way to cut down on the amount of trash that ends up in landfills.

Go Green – Literally

Another way to take your office green this Earth Day is to literally go green by adding plants to your office. Not only can plants improve the air quality in your office and provide a morale boost, but it also helps the atmosphere. Every year countless acres of forests are destroyed and adding plants wherever possible can help combat this.

Cut Back on Paper Use

If you stop and think about it there are probably many processes in your office that don’t actually require paper. Whenever possible, encourage employees to go digital. Whether that is copies of presentations, reports, or whatever, going digital and cutting down on paper use is a great way to go green this Earth Day.

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