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Used Steelcase Furniture in Upland CA

Shopping for used Steelcase furniture in Upland CA? Try our showroom for quality pieces at deep discounts.

Used Steelcase Furniture in Upland CAWhile you would have to get pretty darn lucky to furnish an entire office suite with matching used furniture, buying used works quite well when you just need to add a few new pieces. At PnP Office Furniture, we believe that no one needs to know your furniture is used but you. That’s why we select only high quality, gently used pieces. Our used inventory offers like-new appearance and performance without those high like-new prices.

One excellent brand to buy used is Steelcase, because this company is known for their durable, stylish furniture. We can help you find all the pieces of used Steelcase furniture in Upland CA you may need such as:

  • Desks
  • Drafting stools
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Stacking chairs
  • Storage
  • Tables
  • Lounge furniture

Perk Up Your Office with Used Steelcase Chairs

Does your office décor look a bit bland? Do your employees complain that their workstations are uncomfortable? You don’t necessarily have to completely refurnish the space to see improvements. Just start with new chairs.

Our collection of used Steelcase furniture in Upland CA frequently includes examples of their highly regarded ergonomic chairs. In addition to encouraging proper posture for employees working on computers, Steelcase’s ergonomic chairs also have eye-catching contemporary style and come in a variety of colors. You can sometimes also find guest chairs and lounge chairs from Steelcase in our used inventory.

Make the Most of Used Steelcase Furniture in Upland CA with Expert Layout Planning Services

Steelcase has a long history of innovative furniture and workspace design, and their most recent collections support some very interesting design concepts. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to pay the big bucks for new Steelcase pieces in order to benefit from the company’s ideas. Instead, you can partner with our design experts to create these cutting edge workplace designs using used Steelcase furniture in Upland CA, whether you want to imitate Steelcase’s:

  • Green Rooms: Conference room meetings can feel quite formal, and sometimes people might not voice all their opinions. Adding a green room or lounge space near the conference room can help by providing a more casual and inviting space for employees to meet up and chat before or after the meeting.
  • Quiet Spaces: Did you know that 90 percent of today’s workers want quiet, private places to work, and over 40 percent say they don’t have them? To solve this problem, Steelcase has launched a line of furniture to support their “Quiet Spaces” layouts. You can create your own quiet spaces with used Steelcase furniture in Upland CA.
  • Standing/Walking Desks: It’s not healthy to spend too much of the day sitting. Steelcase has addressed this with items like the AirTouch desk that can easily switch back and forth between standing and seated positions and even support use of a treadmill.

Don’t Miss a Deal! Check Our Used Inventory Frequently

Remember, our selection of used Steelcase furniture in Upland CA is always changing, so be sure to check in frequently to see what we’ve found. You can call us at 909-390-0428 or visit our showroom.