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Redlands CA

In its early days, Redlands CA was a major player in the citrus industry, producing over 5,000 railcars of oranges in a good season and hosting several packing houses. Today Redlands CA is much more residential, but about 2,500 acres of citrus and one packing house remain. Redlands CA is known for its many beautiful historic buildings, including the Lincoln Shrine, which is the only memorial to Lincoln west of the Mississippi. The ornate Victorian Kimberly Crest Home and Gardens, now a museum, is another notable sight in Redlands CA. If you need furniture for an office space—whether it is in a commercial building or your own home—come to PnP Office Furniture. Our experienced staff can help you select the right furniture for your needs from our extensive selection of new and used desks, chairs, tables, shelves, and lobby furnishings. We’ll help you find the best possible balance of looks, functionality, and affordability.