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Four Ways to Quickly Improve Employee Satisfaction  

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that happy and satisfied employees are more productive. In fact, some studies show that happy workers are 12% more productive. That’s almost the equivalent of adding an extra workday to the week! But how do you reach that level of employee satisfaction so they become more productive? You might think it’s all monetarily driven, but that’s not the case. Here are four ways to quickly improve employee satisfaction that doesn’t include giving a raise:

1 . Offer Flexible Work Hours

Employees today love flexibility. By allowing them to come in any time between 7 am and 9 am to start their typical 8-hour work day, you’re showing them that you value their time and know they have a life outside of work. For someone who has to drop their kid off at school at a certain time or needs to be out to get a child off the bus, that flexibility is huge.

2 . Praise Their Hard Work and Successes

This one seems obvious, but it doesn’t always happen. Employees that are happy are typically employees that feel valued and encouraged. By praising them for a job well done, it lets employees know they—and their hard work—are appreciated.

3 . Provide Rewards for Exceeding Goals

Incentives are common for meeting sales goals, but what about the employee who stayed late to get a report filed by a tight deadline? Or the employee that put together a killer Board Presentation that kept everyone engaged and put the company in a good light? Even small rewards like a lunch out, company tickets to a sporting event or concert, or gift cards can go a long way towards creating satisfied employees who feel valued.

4 . Make Your Employees Comfortable at Work

You want your employees to be comfortable at work. Things like free water, snacks, and coffee or tea are great for improving employee comfort levels. Upgrading their workspace is another way. Imagine how productive employees will be when sitting at a new desk, in an ergonomic office chair, or collaborating at new cubicles. Upgrading office furniture is an easy way to boost employee satisfaction and thus, productivity.

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