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Coronavirus Is Changing the Work From Home Game Now & In the Future

COVID-19 has changed every aspect of our lives. From our ability to interact with friends and family, down to the way we work, nearly every aspect of our lives has been affected.

Companies Are Shifting to Work from Home Models out of Necessity Prevent Community Spread of Coronavirus

With federal, state, and county-level orders in place, many companies have been forced to shift to a work from home model to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Wherever possible, employees with the capability to complete their job from home have been encouraged to do so. Fewer bodies in the office mean less opportunity for community spread of the virus. As you look at meatpacking plants and other factories with workers in close proximity where COVID-19 has spread like wildfire, it becomes apparent how crucial social distancing and working from home is, when possible.

Work from Home Will Become More Prevalent After

While companies shifted to a work from home model out of necessity, it is apparent that these work methods will become more prevalent even after the risk of spreading the virus has diminished. Companies have realized that their employees are capable—and trustworthy—enough to get their work done from home and this has benefits for everyone. It means more focused employees who aren’t wasting time socializing with everyone at the office. In addition, employees enjoy working from the comfort of their home and the flexibility that allows. It also means not having to battle the morning and afternoon commute, which gives them more time at home with family.

Having a Comfortable Office Setup At Home is Crucial

As great as working from home is, it can be harder if you do not have a comfortable office set up at home. That means a nice desk and comfortable office chair that encourages and allows for good posture.

PnP Office Furniture has the ergonomic and beautiful office furniture necessary for your at-home office!

If you have been working from home these past few weeks, you know how important it is to have a comfortable setup. Sitting on the couch with your laptop in your lap all day isn’t great for your productivity or your back. Thankfully, PnP Office Furniture can help you get the perfect set up for your home office. From desks packed with a variety of storage options to ergonomic office chairs that you can spend hour after hour in without hurting your back, we have it all! Don’t let your productivity or your health suffer as the working world shifts to working more from home—give PnP Office Furniture a try!

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