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5 Office Furniture Trends to Expect in 2020

Are you thinking that 2020 might be the perfect time to upgrade the look and feel of your office? Here are a few office furniture trends to expect in 2020 that you can incorporate into your design.

  1. Technology-centric Office Spaces
  2. As we surge further and further into the technological era, one office trend you can expect to increase in 2020 is the shift to technological offices. This means everything from conference rooms with large display screens to more modern office designs that blend productivity and technology seamlessly.

  3. Flexible and Multifunctional Office Spaces
  4. Another shift in the working world is multifunctional spaces. Businesses are shifting away from cubes and defined workspaces, instead, letting their employees get cozy and multifunctional spaces that allow for more collaboration and brainstorming. Fixed work positions are becoming few and far in between, so it might be time to consider opening up your workspace.

  5. Dark Colored Office Furniture
  6. In 2020, you can also expect to see darker colored office furniture. As office design shifts to more dramatic, dark furniture will become increasingly popular. This means everything from bookcases and conference tables to desks are shifting to dark browns, blacks, dark grays, and even navy blue. Not only does dark colored furniture make a bold statement, but it also makes the office appear more elegant.

  7. Natural Elements Throughout the Office
  8. Another huge shift for office design is the incorporation of natural elements. We’re not talking about adding in a few planters. Instead, think featured green walls in the lobby and throughout hallways. Vertical gardens, plants, and green spaces do wonders for employee morale and satisfaction, as they create a pleasant workspace with a breath of fresh air.

  9. Comfortable Leisure and Relaxation Spaces   
  10. Offices in 2020 are also shifting to cater a bit more to employees' downtime. That means comfortable leisure and relaxation spaces for employees to relax and wind down. Think cafes, game rooms, gardens, and other unique spaces that can help employees get away from work for a few minutes without actually leaving the building.

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