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4 Tips for Organizing a Home Office

Are you going to be working from home more often or even full time? As many companies shift to a full-time remote work plan, it might be time to truly get that home office in shape. Thankfully, it’s easy to get organized with these four tips!

  1. Purge the Papers You Don’t Need
  2. We’re all at fault for keeping records that we don’t actually need. The first step of getting your home office organized, is going through those troves of documents that are stashed in cabinets or sitting on a heap in your desk. Take a good look at every document and decide whether you need it or not. As you’re going through, try sorting the documents into piles to make filing them away easier. Also, be sure to shred any sensitive records that you no longer need instead of just tossing them in the trash.

  3.  Get a Color-Coded Filing System in Place
  4. Once you have gone through your documents and gotten them sorted, it’s time to get them in order. If you don’t have one, purchase a filing cabinet and some colored folders. You can color code by family member or topic. For example, all financial folders could be green, health files red, and insurance records in blue. Pick whatever color-coding system works for you and get those documents organized!

  5. Organize Your Books
  6. The next step to organize your home office is to get your books organized. This is simple if you purchase a bookshelf or two. Sort them by topic, title, author, or even color if it suits you. You can also display some knickknacks on these bookshelves so they’re out in the open but not cluttering your desk.

  7. Utilize Item-Specific Storage Containers in Your Desk
  8. Last, but certainly not least, is to get some item-specific storage containers for your desk. If you have stacks of post-it notes, have a holder for them. If you use various pens, pencils, and highlighters, get an organized writing utensil holder. If you can organize the clutter on your desk, you will be surprised how much more productive you can become.

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